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To all Bantoanons,

There will be a grand reunion this Holy Week, April 2000 in Banton. For more details, read October-December issue of Silak

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Haro sa Yagting 2000
Banton Biniray '99 Official Homepage
RDL-CLEAR (Romblomanons' Newsgroup)

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The Bantoanons have already been avid rappers centuries before rap music became popular with the likes of MC Hammer, Francis M. and Michael V.? Chanted or spoken in tilting rhythms like the modern rap...


punta matagar

tapyake't muyat kaling guso-gusoon ag kagirkirong uda:
ka ak tayurtor ay hinuknit sa habas it bayor
ag payapayay nak teral....

Tribute to Punta Matagar...

Looking Back, Looking Ahead and Looking Behind the Scenes....

Biniray ‘99



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Year of the Progressive-Minded Bantoanons

While 1999 kept people around the world busy with the Y2K bug threat and the preparations to welcome Year 2000 – the year many believed in as the start of the new millenium –1999...

Yearend Review

Ni Jose Rizal

Ako ay mapagtoy, Banwang tinubuang hinigugma’t adlaw,
Himayang nawagtik ag Perlas it Ragat sa Hampig-Subatan,
Bug-os kalipayang kinabuhing kubos sa imo’y ak halar;
Naging masilak man, mayabtong, maamyon o naging mabuskar,
Ak ipahinungor gihapon kung dahil sa ing kaanduan....

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Office of the Mayor
January 10, 2000

Pinalanggang kasimanwa,

Mabuhay! This greeting of love, fellowship, and best wishes comes from your kasimanwas.

On April 16-24, 2000, the municipal government is hosting a grand reunion of Bantoanons in the island town. Billed Haro sa Yagting 2000, the event will showcase the Bantoanons’ unity, cooperation, and piety in the various activities planned for the occasion....

News Roundup..
Haro sa Yagting 2000


With all the activities in place and its plans materializing smoothly, the Banton Municipal High School Class of 1990 is all set for its grand reunion. So far, the class has already sponsored two major activities - the Retrieve dance party and the Bingo-Raffle 2K. On Feb. 27, the annual Lenten Basketball Tournament fires off at the Holy Redeemer Basketball Court at Brixton Hill, Quezon City. The reunion proper starts on April 16 which will be highlighted by a grand banquet tentatively set on Holy Wednesday, April 19, 2000.

Yearend Review


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