by Lawrence Fadri
1st yr., BSEE, MIT

Volume II, No. 2

How many times did I dare not play this game
where losers are consoled by tears and pain
but the magic in your smile, the glitters in your eyes,
dazzle me, temptation I cannot deny.

How many times did this feeling invade me?
how many times did I resist?
but woman, you captured my heart
and I have to walk that path of love.

Weird fantasies turned my mind
with eyes so blind I walked out of sanity
enslaved by dreams and illusions
far from the world of reality.

Oh my! what a prize I’ve got
out of my boundless love returns the limited
thoughts of you, to you I offered care the best
but replies your lonely regrets.

So death to this burning innermost desire
into the graveyard of my heart, fall into eternal sleep
into the tomb, wreath of flowers without scent
scribe on the epitaph the greatest mistake!

Now and forever I’ll mourn of my infatuation’s
demise, yet thanks to that cloudburst
from stupidity I rise
good-bye to that dreams that are illusions
that rare lies
let it be just memories of you and I.

Had I not stepped out sanity
had I not dreamt, had I not tried
I will never know the ways of love
thanks to that mistake, now I learned
from the memories of you.

How long, when, will I play that game again?
where losers are consoled by tears and pains
will that feeling once more invade?
will this heart forever be afraid?

And if out of the graveyard love will rise
be resurrected from yesterday’s demise
tomorrow will be a start anew
never to happen the memories of you.




by Chito F. Ferrera

2nd year, Med Tech. , CEU

Volume II, No. 3

Hailed from the mountain’s foot
Bathe by the sun’s rays of morning delight
Sow the world with empty hands and bare feet
Breathe and live in an endless struggle.

He crossed the oceans and many times returned
Blocked by the strong winds and gutsy nature
With all his might and burning desire
Kept the agony and nurtured himself to a warrior

Unfamiliar world opened up his thoughts
And seemingly, brought the light up there
Armed with faith and believer’s guts
Faced the reality of the world no promise.

He survived the challenge and took the honor
Nevertheless, he stood alone without any glitters
Leaving away the orchids, the dahlias withered
Living alone - - the unprecedented vision and love.




By Lyndon Fadri


What are your songs for
if only for silence to sing
What are your portraits for
if in the open, you don’t bring?
Poems kept from others’ eyes
are but wasted thoughts,
Like dying embers- they don’t
shed light, yet they soot.

Take on the world though
it may seem to mock at you
It’s just a feeling that from
your heart does grow
Let your songs be heard,
let your artistry show,
Never make it a waste,
what God did bestow.

Remember, it won’t be heard,
if you won’t give it a try
Remember, those afraid to fall
will never learn to fly,
Just as those who don’t learn
to love are the hearts afraid to cry
Or those who don’t learn to live
are the souls who fear to die.