by: Romulo A. Faz Sr.

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Banton Celebrates Town Fiesta

Banton celebrates the town fiesta in honor of patron saint, St. Nicholas of Tolentino last September 6 to 10, 1998.

The executive committee for this year’s celebration headed by Mrs. Perla Fruelda successfully carried out the scheduled activities with the help of the different working committees.

Novenas for the beloved patron saint were offered from September 1 to 9 while Mass and the reveille were held daily from September 1 to 10. Sports activities on the other hand were done from September 6 to 9.

The other activities and programs are the Welcome Ball held on September 6; NGO Night on September 7; and DECS Night on September 8; the usual Fluvial Parade was held on the morning of September 9 with the Religious Night held in the evening.

On the 10th of September, Civic Parade and CAT Demonstration were held in the morning with the religious process in the afternoon.

The coronation Program for the reigning beauties took place in the evening of September 10. Crowned as Town Fiesta Queen 1998 is Miss Janes Faigao of TOGNATOC (Togbongan, Nabalay and Toctoc. Angelica Ferriol of Libtong and Michelle Arellano of Poblacion on the other hand were crowned as 1st and 2nd Princess respectively.

Assessment Team Visits Banton

The provincial Clean and Green Assessment Team of Romblon visited the Banton last July 22, 1998 to assess the different projects under taken by the municipality relative to the clean, green, and beautification programs of the government.

Arriving at the municipality early in the morning of said date, the team went around the town evaluate the projects covered by the criteria of the contest program.

After going aroud the poblacion, the team proceeded to Tungonan which barangay placed first among the other sixteen barangays in the municipality and returned to the town early in the afternoon.

He team was composed of Mr. Jhonson Fopalan (DILG) chairman, Ms. Christine P. Olayson (DENR), vice chairman; and the following as members: Hon Ronnie Fprtu (SP), Ms. Sonia G. Onas (PB), Mr. Montano Villones (PIA), Mr. Manny Musa (PIA); and Zerryl Formilleza (PSK).

In the evening the team was treated to a Jam session sponsored by the municipal officials and employees.

Meanwhile in/an official telegram/ information to Mayor Patrocinio Ferrea Received recently from the Chairman of the team, Banton won the first as cleanest and greenest municipality in the province of Romblon, while Barangay Tungonan got second in the barangay level contest in entire same province

Nutrition Month Activities Undertaken

The nutrition month of July was observed with appropriate day to day activities in Banton, Romblon under the leadership of the Municipal Nutrition Committee chaired by Mayor Patrocinio F. Ferrea.

On the 6th of July 1998, a motorcade was held around the town’s main thoroughfares through the cooperation of the Municipal Nutrition Committee members.

Seminar on Solid Waste Management Held

A re-echo seminar on Solid Waste Management was held in the municipal building at Banton, Romblon last July 1998.

Started with a motorcade led by the PNP members, it was participated in by some municipal officials and employees and members of the Clean and Green committee municipality.

Municipal Officials Sworn into Office

Banton municipal officials who got elected in the May 11, 1998 elections were sworn into their respective offices during the inauguration and oath-taking ceremonies held at the town’s public theater last June 27, 1998.

Sworn into were Hon. Patrocinio Ferrera as municipal mayor and Hon. Rolo Fainsan as vice-mayor with outgoing mayor Nemedio Fiecas and outgoing acting vicemayor Doroteo Fesalbon as their inducting officer, respectively.

The Sangguniang Bayan member, who took their oath office before Mr. Romulo A. Faz Sr., election officer and notary public, included Hon. Cilimaco Faigao, Hon. Berlita Fajiculay, Hon. Lope Fesariton, Hon Aida Fabayos, Hon. Berlinda Faigao, Hon. Alejandro Fababeir, Hon. Villa Rose Fiecas and Hon. Patrocinio Flores.

After the oath taking ceremonies, Hon. Fiecas gave the valedictory address and turned over the Symbolic Key to Mayor Patrocinio Ferrera who delivered her Inauggural address thereafter.

Bro Juanito Fabella , Pastor Benny Saluba, and Rev. Fr. Gines Boada led the ecumenical Invocation while Ms. Osana Flor Musico conducted the national anthem.

Interesting intermission numbers were contributed in the program by some municipal officials and employees, the newly elected officials, and Central Elementary School teachers.

A testimonial dinner was served free to all attendees of the occasion who were further entertained in the memorable and successful inaugural ballroom dancing.

Banton Causeway Project Completed

A nationally funded project of the government of Banton, Romblon was recently completed.

Completed was the Banton causeway extension of seven meters long project from the end point of the original causeway with a total cost of 750, 000 pesos.

Undertaken by contract, the project was started on April1, 1998 and completed last July 25, 1998.

Health Buildings Renovated

Banton’s Rural Health Unit Building has been undergoing renovation work through contract basis according to Eng’r. Jerry Fadrilan, the municipal engineer.

The project otherwise known as Women’s Health and Safe Motherhood ADB Project has an estimated total cost of 420,259.30 pesos, the engineer disclosed to Silak.

Meanwhile the Nasunogan Barangay Health Center edifice has likewise its renovation and expansion project with a total cost of 202,209.74 pesos.

Both projects are under contract by the Orienteck Corporation located at Don Antonio Village Quezon City, Metro Manila.

CSC Director Conducts Seminar Workshop

A seminar Forum and Personnel Evaluation System was conducted by Director Antonio Bangalisan of the Civil Service Commission, Region IV, in Banton, Romblon last August 24-25 1998.

Held at the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building, it was attended by all municipal, provincial and national officials and employees.

A workshop was held on the second day of the seminar wherein the ettendees gained knowledge on Personnel Appraisal System.

Director Bangalisan is presently Provincial Director of the CSC for the Romblon with office in San Agustin, Tablas, Romblon

The Director left Banton with pleasant memories of his stint in the peaceful, clean and beautiful town of Banton, Romblon

The discussants in the seminar with their respective topics were Municipal Health Officer Dra. Aida Ferrera Fetizanan who talked on Solid Waste Management; Sanitary Land fill; Principal Rizaldy Festin, Ecological Waste Management in the school and community; and Engineer Leovigildo Ferrenco, Action Planning.

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