by: Romulo A. Faz

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Few days before the death of Leo, the first victim of lethal injection, some sectors had sympathized and expressed compassion to the rapist without consideration to his victims. Surely, their voices were in the wilderness. They were too late. Three courts had rendered their wisest decisions. If the sectors were against the imposition of the death penalty, they should have lifted their fingers when the law was still debated in the halls of congress.

That’s it. President Erap Estrada was right. He abided by the Supreme Court’s decision. It is high time that rapists and drug addicts reform themselves now. Otherwise, they will be the next victim of lethal injection.


The Sangguniang Bayan of Banton, Romblon passed and approved a resolution making every Thursday of the week of every month the town’s market day. This will put to an end the selling of fish and other products in private houses and streets in the Poblacion. Besides, the right market fees will be collected. Congratulations to Hon. Climaco Faigao who authored the resolution.


This column hereby commends Mayor Patrocinio Ferrera for initiating the short program during flag ceremony every Monday morning. It is very informative. The employees have chances to know what the officials are doing especially when they go out of the island-municipality on official business. Upon their return, they echo the substantial part of the purpose of their businesses outside the office.


Presently, the Committee formed by Pres. Estrada to prepare the important amendments to the constitution is working hard now. But how true are the echoes that have reached this corner to the effect that there will be no elections in 2001. Does it mean the term of office of the incumbent government elective officials will be extended through amendment of the constitution? Well, let us just wait and see.


The performance of every official and employee in the locality is expected to improve these days. After a seminar on performance appraisal system was conducted in the municipality upon request of the Mayor, from the Civil Service Commissioner. Mayor Ferrera has required all officials and employees to prepare and submit to her an action plan for every semester. This has been designed to make our government workers more efficient and effective public servants. Keep up the good work, Mayor. We doff our hats to you.


Some illegal fishermen are still invading Banton’s waters wherein they use dynamite in fishing, To make matters worse, they do not request any permit from the authorities to fish within the territorial jurisdiction of Banton. It seems the leniency of our officials is being abused. It is high time that drastic actions against these illicit piscators be done.


This column felicitates the OIC of the Chief of Police of Banton. Few days after his assumption of office, he was able to bring to Banton and one engine for the PNP speed motorboat which he renamed "Ato Kali". Presently, the said Bantay Dagat speedboat goes around the island-municipality’s waters to monitor the whereabouts of unlawful fishing activities. Good showing OIC. This column salutes you, Sir.


Per DECS Order No. 99 Series of 1998, the public high school’s publication fee was raised by 100% from P 20.00 to P 40.00 per pupil per school year.

Sec. Andrew B. Gonzales said, "while the collection of the increase of publication is authorized, " this is made on a voluntary basis."

The secretary further said that the said collection is "not made a requirement for admission or for clearance purpose in case of transfer for students/pupils to other schools."




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Volume II No 2