by: Romulo A. Faz

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The Bantoanons especially the municipal officials and employees, teachers, students and pupils deserve our accolades. Again, Banton was declared first runner-up in the Region IV Clean and Green Program contest. It is hoped that Banton will get the first place in the said contest this year.

* * *

The officers and employees as well as the shareholders of the Banton Multi-Purpose Cooperative deserve commendation for the good management and cooperation of its members. Recently, the BMPCI was declared the best cooperative in the Romblon Province. Started with a very minimal capital, it is worth millions now.

* * *

Our sincerest felicitations to the following Bantoanon Teachers Board Examination passers: Norizaril Fababeir, Christopher Fabellon, Analyn Faderogao, Edison Fadrigon, Nenita Fadrilan, Leonardo Fadriquela, Florame Famarin, Leonie Famarin, Jean Femis, Jocelyn Fegal, Virginita Fegalan, Deodelin Ferranco, Miriam Ferrera, Margie Ferriol, Rosemarie Fetalcorin, Riza Fontarum, and Marjorie Fofue. Also goes our felicitations to Engr. Juvenal Feudo who successfully hurdled the board exams for civil engineers on November 11, 1999.

* * *

Carmelita Faderanga, present postmaster of Banton has been complaining why the envelopes of some of the letters she has been receiving are in bad order especially those coming from abroad. Tampered, the flops of the envelopes are often destroyed. This columnist pretty well knows this case because he is often requested by the postmaster to witness and affix his signature on the envelopes of tampered letters. It is hoped that the Bureau of Posts will do something about this malpractice.

Volume III No 1